The idea for lifetiles108 came to me overnight in August 2008. The inner urge to create and share the concept has been overwhelming. Where I am today is a result of all the choices my intuition encouraged me to pursue, follow and experience along the way. The opportunities I have encountered exceeded my expectations and created a deep personal satisfaction. I have witnessed how my intuition magically led me to the right people, ideas and situations that I required to move forward with a dream. The rewards so far have been amazing and whether it goes beyond this, I have achieved something quite unique and unexpected.

I now have a greater understanding of how intuition lives in each of us, like a personal navigation tool; always switched on and working behind the scenes. The connection through our emotions allows us to recognise the 'gut feelings' and hunches that we sometimes experience, but not always trust. Using lifetiles108 is just the beginning. They have led me to focus on new areas in my life and change my perspectives on others. I have learned to trust my instincts to where I am now the passenger and my intuition is the driver. The need to feel some degree of control in every situation only created obstacles towards what I wanted to achieve. Letting go and believing that the right path or opportunity finds us has personally been one of the hardest lessons, but the most rewarding.

I hope to inspire others with my story and I am confident that with frequent use lifetiles108 will begin to open doorways and lead you onto new and exciting paths; that moment begins the minute you decide to let go and allow yourselves to follow your intuition.

lifetiles108 was intuitively created to be a contemporary, user-friendly yet effective method of guidance designed for our fast evolving modern world. As well as attracting spiritualists and alike, lifetiles108 appeal has expanded to a wide variety of professional and mainstream individuals who are discovering, for the first time, an alternative path for seeking answers and directions for their life's purpose.

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