lifetiles108 is a unique deck of 108 cards created to synchronise with your intuitive energy to access the power of inner guidance. It allows you to develop a communication link to your intuition and help you gain insight into your personal instinctive knowledge; something we all possess but often ignore in our busy lives. Whether you require direction in a certain matter, towards a goal or just seeking your true path in life, you will appreciate its simple and easy to understand technique. The gentle, positive guidance allows individuals to seek alternative perspectives so that they may fulfil their highest potential.

Each lifetiles108 card you draw from the deck has a message of encouragement, revelation, insight or answer attuned to your personal situation. When used correctly, you will begin to see the importance of receiving repeated messages as a sign of a successful connection with your intuition. From there you will easily and instinctively know what requires your attention to either; follow, work on or consider in regards to a present or future situation. Whether the message is one that instills encouragement, self confidence or focuses on an area you may have overlooked, your awareness inspires new thought patterns that begin to create the changes you desire.

Unique features:
  • Modern, simple black and white (yin and yang), visual appeal
  • Contemporary, compact, minimalist presentation
  • A 108 card deck: more choices, answers, directions, insights & revelations
  • Business card size, deck fits comfortably in palm and easy to shuffle
  • User friendly, simple to read and understand, practical
  • Navigation mind tool for the modern spiritualist
Useful benefits:
  • Develops the intuitive mind to understand the guidance that lives within all of us
  • Opens our imagination and vision to look beyond our boundaries
  • Frequently drawn cards reveal messages that our intuition wishes us to focus on
  • Positive and encouraging messages invite new thought patterns to enter
  • Gentle guidance allows the user to find the answers within themselves, instead of others
  • Allows focus to return to our goals and desires

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