Whichever method you choose to work with lifetiles108, I recommend that each card you draw, is noted and recorded as it allows you to pinpoint recurring messages that are of great value later. This awareness leads you to discover answers required to create healthy positive changes that may have otherwise, been ignored or overlooked.

One of the best ways to keep a record of strong guidance messages is to see which are the most frequently drawn cards ( usually any card that has been selected more than 3 times in a three week period for example ) Obviously, any card that has been selected 8 times in one month is what I would consider, a strong sign.

For first time users, it may take up to 2-4 weeks of daily use before you see a pattern emerging and taking shape. In most cases, they highlight guidance on an area that you already are aware of that requires your attention to move forward and create a change. On other occasions, I have discovered some repeated messages to have no significance or relevance regarding my situation. In hindsight these were probably the most life changing pieces of guidance that I needed in order to acknowledge and make a shift.

Intuition's gentle persistence is always guiding you towards the right path so you may achieve the best that life has to offer. As your relationship with lifetiles108 strengthens over time, you will learn to trust your inner voice and enjoy how life is meant to flow, without the unnecessary interference of doubts and fears.

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