To achieve the best results:
On first use hold the deck gently in your hands for approximately 10 minutes so energies can sync with each Other and strengthen the intuitive bond. Then, shuffle and select a card. Each time thereafter, a quick shuffle prior to selection is all that is required.

Note: I have found that sharing the deck with others creates a 'disconnection' as each person's carries with them different energies that the cards are trying to attune themselves to. Any negative energy that others may hold, can easily taint and misinterpret messages. Therefore, it is recommended that you keep your deck for personal use only or if they are to be shared, then please ensure others follow the ten minute energy instruction. This rule also applies to the original owner whenever the shared deck is returned.

This innovative concept allows the user to intuitively choose on how they would like to receive guidance. From my own experiences, I have often received messages in different ways other than the methods listed below. For example; a card that slips out while shuffling, finding a card left face up on top of the deck, or even when a number frequently appears in my environment I will often refer to that card number in the deck as something my intuition wants me to know.

There is no specific card layout to follow or guidebook instruction to refer to. Questions are optional. I have found that intuition knows what has to be answered and that trying to formulate a question can confuse the outcome. The choice is yours. Go with whatever feels comfortable as this is usually the best way to get results.

Please note:

  1. You may select cards at any time; once daily, a few times daily, once a week or once a month: whenever you feel the need
  2. Being in a calm, quiet mood and alone is usually best I find
  3. Try and keep curious, inquisitive hands away from your deck
  4. Always try and remember to take note of each card selected using the free PDF marking list provided here

There are basically two simple methods of using lifetiles108:

  1. Shuffle and choose one card.
    Remember to mark this card on list provided
    If you feel the message resonates with you then nothing further is required. However, if you feel you would like more clarity, then please follow the next method below.
  2. Shuffle and choose three cards.
    Remember to mark all 3 cards on list provided
    Read all 3 messages and feel which one stands out the most. If it helps, I often advise people to view these 3 messages in the same way as you would look at a menu. Choosing what you would 'feel' like if someone was asking you to select one.

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